About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of green fields and rivers. The days in Bangladesh remain resounded with the birds and the night is with the shouting of jackal. In those articles you can read more about Bangladesh.

Basic information about Bangladesh

Where is Bangladesh 

Flag of Bangladesh

Language of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Population

Bangladesh life expectancy

Constitution of Bangladesh – Bangladesh has their own constitution

Bangladesh weather

Bangladesh History before Independence

Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh religion – There are 4 main religions in Bangladesh those are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Read more about Bangladesh religion

Economy Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh economy – Bangladesh is still a developing country. The economical growth determines the development score of any country.  To know the economic growth we have to observe the economic census. Read more about Bangladesh econom

Poverty in Bangladesh– Bangladesh is a developing country. The entire populations are not rich.

Agriculture in Bangladesh

 Bangladesh GDP

NGO in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi food

Bangladeshi Currency –  About Bangladeshi currency, history related to it, and its value in the world market and more.

Volunteer in Bangladesh –  different group of volunteer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Awami Leaguem- The Bangladesh Awami League is one of the main political party in Bangladesh. Read more about Bangladesh Awami Leaguem

Sports in Bangladesh

Animals of Bangladesh

 Bangladesh Army  and Bangladesh War