Agriculture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the main sector from where the entire population gets fed. Through this content you will come to know about the agriculture in Bangladesh, different crops, golden fiber of Bangladesh and more.

Agriculture in Bangladesh

Agriculture is the base of all activities in Bangladesh. Different industrial raw materials come from the rural lands as well as it is the source of livelihood for the villagers. As most of the people are villagers here, the majority of the Bangladeshi depend on it.

Impact on Economy

The economy is Bangladesh is totally dependent on rural life and agriculture, so this can be named as an agrarian economy. According to data released on November, 2010 agriculture covers 18.6% of GDP in Bangladesh. It creates 45% employment sector. Agriculture is the best place to utilize the labor force.

Agricultural sectors

Bangladeshi people know how to grow foods very well. Most of them are farmers here and the land is well fertile. They grow crops, vegetables, fruits as well. The fishery is also a very large incoming sector here which may include in the agriculture as it is the land of the river as well.

Different crops in Bangladesh

Crops may divide into two sections such as:

1) Food crop

2) Cash crop

Food crop:

There so many crops are cultivated in Bangladesh such as rice, corn, wheat etc… Rice is the principal crop here; in 2000 about 35.8 million metric tons rice was produced. Different types of vegetables like potato, cabbage, radish, onion, ginger, lettuce, spinach etc. are cultivated here. Different types of fruits are also available here like Jackfruit. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh, banana, sugarcane, watermelon and so on.

Cash crop

There are many crops using which farmers earn money as well as country earn foreign money exporting them such as tobacco, tea, cotton, jute etc. The mango from Rajshahi is also very famous and people there earn lots of money selling the fruit around the country.

Jute has got another name as “Golden fiber” in Bangladesh. Lots of foreign money is achieved by exporting the jute made products. The north portion of the country mostly grows tobacco. Tobacco is the raw material of tobacco industries.

Hill areas in agriculture

Bangladesh has a quite vast hill area. These areas are also used for cultivation. The hills of the Sylhet are used to grow tea plants. Tea is another cash crop of Bangladesh. The hills of the Khagrachori, the Bandarban are usually used for traditional jhum cultivation. Jhum is a different type of cultivation system which is made by the tribes. Mostly different types of crops are grown here together after each 8-9 months.