Bangladesh Air Force

Bangladesh Air force is a proud branch of the Bangladesh Armed force. They are the aerial warfare of Bangladesh. They save us from the attack of the foes by the airways. Some descriptions of the Bangladesh Air force are given below.

Bangladesh Air force

The Bangladesh air force was constructed in the year of 1971. Their slogan was “Banglar Aakash Rakhibo Mukto” Which means we will keep the sky of Bangladesh free. This is their motto and they strongly maintain their duty. Now over 22000 are working there including the pilots. Among them 600 are working as pilots. The head office of the Bangladesh Air force is at Dhaka cantonment. The short form of the Bangladesh Air force is “BAF”.

Bangladesh Air force at independence war

Though the Bangladesh Air force was just getting its shape in 1971, 28 September, it left a great impact on Bangladesh Liberation War. It was formed by the sector commanders of the war. Then there were only three aircrafts. The Bangladesh Air force fought bravely. The sector-11 and sector-6 was under the Bangladesh Air force. Flight lieutenant Matiur Rahman got martyred during the fight. The title as “Bir Shrestho” was given to him.

Aircrafts of Bangladesh Air force

Now there are 94 model role combat aircraft. There are 14 operational conversion units and 8 counter Insurgency. The number of transport aircraft is 11. Among the trainer there are 11 intermediate jet trainers, 4 rotary wing trainers, and 25 primary fixed wing trainer. The number of Helicopters is 41. The Bangladesh Air force is now orders 24 YAK- 130 trainers and 5 MI-171. There is a plan to buy 9 K-8 from China also.

Bangladesh Air force officer ranks

The air chief Marshal is the highest rank of the Bangladesh Air force. Next the air Marshal, Air vice Marshal, Air Commodore, Group captain is coming one by one. Nest the Wing commander, the Squadron Leader, the Flight lieutenant, the Flight officer is coming one after another. Pilot officer is the lowest commissioned rank.

Chief of Bangladesh Air force

The recent  (2014) chief of Bangladesh Air staff is air marshal Muhammad Enamul Bari, NDU, PSC. The assistant Chief of the Bangladesh Air force Air vice Marshal Abu Esrar, NDU, ACSC (Operations and training sector). Another Chief of the Bangladesh Air force Air vice Marshal is Mashiuzzaman Serniabad, NDU, PSC (Administration Department). The assistant Chief of the maintenance department of the Bangladesh Air force Air vice Marshal is Mazharul Islam, PSC.