Bangladesh army

Bangladesh is an independent country. Bangladesh has a great squad of Armed Force. The Bangladesh Army is one of them. Here some description of Bangladesh army is being provided.

Bangladesh Army

The Bangladesh Army is one of the biggest branches of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Bangladesh Army was established after the liberation war of 1971. On 26th December 1971 Bangladesh Army got its squad with Pakistani Bengali Armies and freedom fighters (Mukti Bahini). Today the member of this force is 30000.Bangladesh Army was formed according to the format of the British Army. Now each district of Bangladesh has an Army cantonment.

Bangladesh Army in Liberation war

During the liberation war Bangladesh Army was not individual from the Pakistani Army. But the portions of Bangladesh form Bangladesh Army and got into the fight. The EPR and east Bengal regiment were involved with it. They were divided into 11 sectors and 3 forces. They were Z-force, K- force, and S-force. This was their art of war. They fight along with the Mukti Bahini and achieved Victory.

Security of Bangladesh

After the formation Bangladesh Army has bravely maintained its duty to protect Bangladesh. Including the Hill stations of Chittagong case and security during the Elections, the Bangladesh Army is there always. Every time whenever emergency situation was declared in Bangladesh, the Army has stood by strongly. Whenever any natural calamities come, the Army force reaches there immediately to help with all the necessary elements.

Bangladesh Army in peach mission

The playing field of of the brave Bangladesh Army is not limited within the borders of Bangladesh. Whenever the United Nation calls for Bangladesh Army to fight for different countries’ peach, Bangladesh Army rushes there. The forces of the Bangladesh Army have visited so many countries including Haiti, Sudan, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and more. Bangladesh Army has joined with UNPSO since 1970.

Chief of Bangladesh Army

General post is the chief post of Bangladesh Army .The first general was General M. A. G. Osmani. He was rewarded as Bangabir. Recent (2014) chief post of Bangladesh Army is General Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan. He has joined on 25th 2012 and still on his position.