Bangladesh Awami League

The Bangladesh Awami League is one of the main political party in Bangladesh. This party follows democratic system. The Bangladesh Awami League is performing its duty from its formation. Through this content you will come to about the political history and members of the party.

History of the Party

The Bangladesh Awami League was founded in the year of 1943, June 23. It was founded by Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Vasani and Shamsul Haque. Then Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy takes over the party and become the prime minister of Pakistan.  Later Sheikh Mujibur Rahman comes to the position of the party’s leader. Then Party was known as Muslim league in the Bengali portion of Pakistan.  Under the leadership of Mujib west Pakistan got the freedom. Mujib was the declarer of today’s independent Bangladesh.


After the independence, in 1975 the Bangladesh Awami league was turned into BAKSAL. All other parties were banned then. The democracy of Bangladesh was removed and the presidency was switched on.

Current state

The Bangladesh Awami League was elected as a governing party for the first time in 1996. In the election of 2014 this party got the position again for the third time. So many activities of the opposite party were carried on. But the governing party has arranged the election. The opposition party did not participate in the election. The Bangladesh Awami League got 154 seats in the parliament without voting. The election has to face so many questions. However, Bangladesh Awami League wins the election and it’s the recent powered party.

Chairman of the party

The chairman of the party the party is Sheikh Hasina. She is the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was the father of Bangladesh independence.

Branches of Bangladesh Awami League

There are some other branches of Bangladesh Awami League. Bangladesh Awami Youth League, Bangladesh students League, Bangladesh Krishok league, Bangladesh Sromik league, Bangladesh Swechchasebak league, Bangladesh Awami Olama league, Bangladesh Mohila Awami League are the branches of Bangladesh Awami league.