Bangladesh History before Independence

The Bangladesh history is really significant for the Bangladeshi people. Every person holds the history in the heart. When it comes to the Bangladeshi history, then I have to describe the ancient history first. Bangladesh was not it from the beginning of the earth. It was a part of the Indian subcontinent. Then this portion was known as the region of Bengal. Through this content you will know about the Bangladesh history before independence.

The origin of the name of Bengal

At the beginning of Bengal region, its name was Banga. This name came from the Hindu regional history, Mahabharata. There the name of the Harivamsha was Vanga. According to his name the Vanga kingdom was known. The kingdom was at the eastern part of Indian sub-continent. This kingdom got the name Banga. This kingdom was first ruled any governmental system by Shams-ud-din Ilyas Shah. Then it was known as “Shah-e-Bangalah”.

Starting of Islam in Bengal region

Islam comes into the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent by the Arabian Sufis. Then in the 2012 starting period, Bakhtiar Khilji, the military commander of the Delhi sultanate come over the west Bengal including Bihar, Bengal, Rangpur and Bogra. After that so many Muslim emperors rule over Bengal.

Ruling by the emperors

Bengal region was ruled by so many great emperors. Bengal was ruled by Mughals, Nawabs. So many great rulers like Islam Khan, Shaista Khan from the Mughals. Bengal was ruled by the nawabs after Mughals such as Emperor Aurangzeb, and the Siraj Ud Daula. After the ruling of emperors Bengal was handed over to the European and British rulers.

Bengal as West Pakistan

India achieved its victory in 1947. The Muslims of Indian subcontinent started to raise their voice to have an independent Muslim country after being free from the British. Then Indian subcontinent divided into Independent India and Pakistan. Pakistan had two parts. One part was formed by the Punjabi Muslim portion and another was the Bengal Muslim portion. Then the Bangladesh was known as West Pakistan.

Language movement of the Bengali people

After being Pakistani region, Pakistan government wanted to make the Urdu as the national language of both East and West Pakistan. But the people of Bengal were not willing to take this. They wanted Banga as their national language. Bangla was their mother tongue. And they were not agreed to leave this language. So they arrange a movement for Bangla language in 1952, 21st February. The students of Dhaka University along with normal population take part in that activity. Then Police shot over them and several fresh lives were taken. This day is known as Mother Language day. It has got the respect of International Mother Language day by UNESCO in 2000.

Period before Liberation war

After the language movement the Muslim league got born. Later it became Awami league. From 1952- 1971 the East Pakistani government rule West Pakistan completely. West Pakistani people raise so many points several times, including the 6 pint movement. Every movement of them was being refused. People of West Pakistan were aloof from citizen facilities. The big discrimination came out when the Pakistani government declared Julfikar Ali Vutto as the Prime Minister. But the Awami League leader Mujibur Rahman should be that as the Awami league got the majority votes. After tolerating all this finally people of Bangladesh was called by Mujib on rescuer field. Then Mujib 1st told about the liberation of Bangladesh.

Liberation war

The heartless mission searchlight by the Pakistani military over sleeping Bangladeshi people held on the 25th March night. Then on 25th march 1971, Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh as an independent country. Then he got arrested by the Pakistani government. Then on 26th March 1971, the major general Ziaur Rahman declared the liberation war on behalf of Mujib. Then people from the entire country take part in the fight. They fight with the help of Indian friend squad. They fought for nine months and lost 30 lacks people. Finally Bangladesh got its name as independent Bangladesh in 16th December 1971.