Bangladesh Liberation War II

Bangladesh celebrated their victory 42th Victory day with a huge appearance on 16th December, 2013. The liberation war between two parts of Pakistan. But now Bangladesh has a good political relation with Pakistan Government. Here you will know how the leaders called people to take a strong stand against the Pakistani Military and the origin of the fight. You can read some more information about Bangladesh Liberation War I.

Origin of the clash

Bangladesh was named East Pakistan and started their war again the West Pakistan since the 1952. The Pakistani government had been just totally West Pakistan based and they wanted the people of this area to speak in Urdu. But Bengali was their mother language. They raised voice and sacrifice several lives for the mother tongue. Since then the war had been started and People of East Pakistan fought for their rights several times.

Operation Searchlight

On 25th March 1971, Thursday night a well planned Pakistani Army attacked sleeping Bangladeshi people. Before attacking they have made all the foreign journalists departure very wickedly. They killed lots of people that night. Most of the people got no chance to run away as they were in deep sleep. The Army did according to the order of Yahya Khan. He told to kill 3 million of people and they would handle the others.

Declaration by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

After the horror night of 25th March Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called people to get ready for the fight for the freedom. That day Mujib declared Bangladesh as a sovereign and independent country. He told about the Thursday night sudden attack by the West Pakistani armed forces on the police barracks at Razarbagh and the EPR headquarters at Pilkhana in Dhaka. He informs that many innocent and unarmed had been killed in Dhaka city and other places of Bangladesh. He also told that there was raised a violent clash between E.P.R and police on the one hand and the armed forced of Pakistani on the other. Mujib told that the Bengalis were fighting the enemy for an independent Bangladesh. He wished that Allah would aid them in their fight for freedom. And he ended with “Joy Bangla”.

Announcement by Major Ziaur Rahman

After Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was caught in 25- 26 March, Ziaur Rahman announced the freedom from the Kalurghat Shwadhin Bangla Betar. He purposely mentioned that he was talking according to the direction of Bangabondhu Mujibur Rahman. He added that he was there to declare that the Independent People’s Republic of Bangladesh had been established. He also informed that at Mujib’s direction, he had taken the command as the temporary Head of Republic. He called Bengalis to rise against the attack by the West Pakistani Army. He said that they will fight to the last to free our motherland. And the Victory will be theirs by the grace of Allah.

Bangladesh won the war

In the liberation war India helped Bangladesh with air crafts and naval ships. Bhutan was the second country to grant as independent. So many people got “Shaheed (martyred)” in the war. So many women lost their respect and life. Bangladeshi Mukti Bahini takes part in freedom fighter and achieved the victory.