Bangladesh liberation war I

Bangladesh is an independent country. It got the long cherished freedom with a revolutionary war.. Here you will come to know about the field of Bangladesh liberation war, the Bangladesh Liberation War and different causes of it and more. ( You can read some more information about Bangladesh Liberation War II.

East Pakistan

Before the liberation war the name of this area was East Pakistan. After separating from India it got that name. Pakistan was then divided into two parts such as East Pakistan and West Pakistan. West Pakistan was on the other side of India. West Pakistan was so far from the East Pakistan.

Cause of the war

The war took place not only to get free from the distanced rulers of Pakistan but also for the basic rights of the peoples. West Pakistani totally used East Pakistan for their good.

Difference in Military

Peoples of East Pakistan used to get a little chance to the Pakistani military. They got just 5% quota in the entire army force though East Pakistan had a large number of population. This area’s people were almost deprived of the facilities of signing contract, and military job. They had just 15 combat aircraft with no tank support.

Political Issues

There was a difference in the political issues and legal issues too. The injustice of Pakistan government to the East Pakistan come out in the Election. They announced Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as the prime minister of Pakistan. But Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s party got the majority number of seats in the national election. East Pakistan was allotted 169 seats and Mujib won 167 seats among all the 313 seats.  They also refused the six points of Mujib. After the meeting with president Yahya Khan, Mujib started fighting with different condition with the government. All of them were refused.

Announcement of the freedom

On 7 March 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a very encouraging speech to the people of this area. He raised the four point condition. Mujib ended his speech with the line mentioning that their struggle was for freedom. Their struggle was for their independence. After that from 10 to 13 March, all the international airlines were closed and lots of Pakistani soldiers were taken to Dhaka in civil dress.

Final announcement

After the operation searchlight at 25th march 1971 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman announced the freedom of Bangladesh with his courageous speech. He announced, Joy Bangla (May Bangladesh be victorious). Then Mujib was arrested in 25- 26 march. On 26th March 1971 at 7:45 PM Major Ziaur Rahman declared the war finally. He declared on behalf of Mujib and told they will fight to the last to free their motherland and also added that victory was theirs by the Grace of Allah.

Victory day

Bangladesh got its freedom after the long term fight by the freedom fighters of 9 months on 16th December. By this long time we had to sacrifice 30 lacks of Bangladeshi people including children, men, and women, students, farmers, scholars, politicians, rich, poor and many more.