Bangladesh life expectancy

Bangladeshi People lead a good life here in Bangladesh and expect to live a long life with their kith and kin. The demography report of Bangladesh tells us about the Bangladesh life expectancy. Through this content you will come to know about the life expectancy of Bangladeshi people. Also the effect of different environmental and precaution system on the life expectancy will be described for your information.

What is the life expectancy

Life expectancy is a demographic term. But it can be hoped about one lifetime depending on the life expectancy of any country. Life expectancy refers to the expected number of years to survive. It is determined by the average number of the total lifespan of the total population. Anyone can die much more than the life expectancy. One can also die much before the duration of life expectancy.

Bangladesh life expectancy

The current life expectancy of Bangladesh is 70. 36 years depending on total population. The life expectancy of a male is 68.48 years. The life expectancy of a female is 72.31 years. (These reports are according to 2013 est.). The life expectancy of Bangladesh is increasing. In the year of 2011 it was 68.94. The life expectancy of male was 68.23 and The life expectancy of female 68.68 (according to the report of 2011 est.). By comparing the report of 2011 with 2013, it can be seen that the life expectancy has increased by about 2 years. Mostly the female life span has increased.

Causes of increasing life expectancy

Life expectancy depends on different consequences. Environment and weather controls it a lot. Who live in a good weather lives more than who works or live in a bad spot surrounded by gases, smoke and more. These phenomena affect their health. Some causes of increasing life expectancy are shown below:

Effect of health and sanitation

The Bangladeshi Government has now ensured that each family uses the sanitary toilet and bath with good water. It keeps them aloof from the diseases caused from an unhygienic situation. At least one hospital has established at each Thana and Union sector. These hospitals are enriched with good and experience doctors, medicines and beds.

The life of Mother and children are being saved

Today the rate of mother’s death during the born of the baby has been decreased. Baby’s death rate has decreased. Modern systems of birth have been being applied. The Government has made sure that each child is taking the vaccinations properly. This is saving the babies from so many serious diseases. Mother’s are told to check her HIV test and other major checkups.

Effect of Security on life expectancy

The Security system is very high in Bangladesh. They are ensuring all can live safely. The road accident rate has been controlled more than before. RAB, Police, BGB, Armed Forces are there for each moment