Bangladesh Navy

The king of the Bay of Bengal is the Bangladesh Navy. Bangladesh has three major armed forces. Bangladesh Navy is one of them. It rules over the water. Bangladesh Navy works to guard the water and maritime border. Reading this content you will come to about some important information about Bangladesh Navy.

Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy has started its journey in 1971. Now this is a fully formed Naval force with 24000 Naval officers and sailors. Bangladesh Navy is getting stronger  and modernized day by day. Recently in 2011 it has launched the Bangladesh Naval Aviation. Some Helicopters are being added to empower the force. Bangladesh government is all set to launch the submarine fleet in the year of 2016. It will be established first at Cox’s Bazar. Its another base will be at Patuakhali.

Bangladesh Navy and the liberation war

The existence of Bangladesh Naval force was in a very little area. Then Bangladesh Navy had only 2 naval ships. They were named as “Padma” and “Palash”. It was the starting of Bangladesh Navy. Bangladesh got these two ships as a gift. They worked on 10th Sector during the war.

Ships of Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy Ship is usually known as BNS. Till now Bangladesh Navy belongs 118 ships. Among them 3 are guided missile frigates, 2 are patrol frigates, one training frigates. 4 are missile corvettes of them and 2 ordered sub-Marin. There are 12 petrol vessels. Among the boats there are 9 missile boats, 8 are torpedo boats, 4 spy sub-Marin, 9 gunboats, 6 petrol boats, 16 defender class boats. Among the ships there are 2 training ships, 5 mine hunter ships and 11 battleships. There are 24 supporting ships. It can be said that Bangladesh Navy is well enriched.

Naval Academy

The Bangladesh Naval Academy is situated in Chittagong. It is the training center of the commissioned officers. Here the cadets of Bangladesh Navy get trained to get their officer rank.

Posts of Bangladesh Navy

The chief post of Bangladesh Navy is Vice Admiral, Then all the positions come one after such as Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant- Commander, Lieutenant, Sub- Lieutenant, Midshipman, and last but not the least Officer-cadet.

Recent chief

The recent chief of Bangladesh Naval stuff is the Vice Admiral M Farid Habib. He has started his journey as Vice Admiral recently in 2013 and still going on. After him the Rear Admirals are A M M M Aurangzeb Chowdhury, K S Hossain, and Mohammed Safiul Kabir. They are the recent assistant Chiefs of Bangladesh Navy at individual sectors.