Bangladesh Population

Bangladesh is a very little country but a huge number of people have found their accommodation here. The motive of this article is to discuss about the Bangladesh population, so look through it to get the answers about how many people live there, what they do, how is their life and more.

How many people live in Bangladesh

There were  about 65 million people after the liberation war in the independent Bangladesh in 1971. But then the population started to grow abruptly and reach to 110 within several years. Starting of the birth control method it has been being taken under some control from 1980. Now according to population and housing census 2011, there were 147570 and now it’s reached at 163,654,860 (2013 July EST.). The population density is 1033.5 per square kilometers.

Some other demographic report

(All these reports are according to population and housing census 2011)

Number of males: 7,49,80,386; which is 50.06% of the total population.

Number of females: 7,47,91,978; which is 49.94% of the total population.

Growth rate: 1.37

There are living 89.5% Muslim, 9.6% Hindu, and 0.9% other religions. 98% people here talk in Bengali and 2% other languages including the tribes.


Bangladesh government is now focusing on increasing the rate of literature. Here literacy is considered as the people who are 15 and more and able to read and write. Now 57.7% is granted as literature of whose 62% are male and 53.4% are female.

What they do

Bangladesh is an agricultural country and big portion of the land is village, farmers are granted as the backbone of the nation. But as the country is getting developed and the industrial sectors arising more and more, people are attracted to that field too. Doctor, engineering and business is very much honored here. Garment business is very much popular in this country and a huge number of poor women are involved in it and it helps to earn foreign money too.

How is the life in Bangladesh

Most of the Bangladeshi people leave a very simple life whether he may have any wealth or not. Here is a law of marriage that girl has to be 18 and the boy has to be 21. With the run of time and for the sake