Bangladesh religion

Bangladesh is a secular country. Secularism is a part of Bangladeshi constitute. People of different religions happily live here together. There are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhism followers, and Christians live here. Every religious people get equal facilities as the Bangladeshi citizen. Through this content you will know about the religions of Bangladesh and some information on them.

Bangladesh religion

There are 4 main religions in Bangladesh those are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. There is some other non-major religions are followed in Bangladesh. They remain only 0.2% of the total population. Every religion follows their own believe. There are no limits and regulation for any religion. The population of Bangladesh takes part in one another’s festivals. If anyone doesn’t follow any religion the he is still a Bangladeshi. Nothing can change his position to be a free and citizen of Bangladesh.

Some descriptions with percentage of them are given below.

Muslim religion

There are 89.5% Muslims live in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Muslims are divided into two sections, Shia and Sunni. Another small section of Muslims is Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. But they believe in Allah. Sunni are larger in number than Shia. Shia is few in total and mostly lives in urban areas. It may say that Bangladesh is a Muslim country, but the constitution of Bangladesh follows secularism. Bangladesh got independence as West Pakistan from India on the basis of Muslim population. The Baitul Mukarram Mosque is the National Mosque of Bangladesh. It is situated in Dhaka.


There are 9.6% Hindu live in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the 3rd largest country of Hinduism. India is at the first number and then comes Nepal. In Bangladesh Hindus live at every single district along with the Muslim. They get the same position and respect in the society. “Durga Puja” is their main prayer. They celebrate with extreme appearance and joy.


There lived 0.7% Buddhism follower in Bangladesh. This will be more than 1000000 in amount. In today’s situation in Bangladesh is the center point for the Buddhism in Asia. The Buddhism followers are mostly seen in the hill station areas. They lived in the southeast portion of Bangladesh. Chittagong and Comilla district are the main areas which contain most of the Buddhism followers. The Chakma, Chak, Marma, Khyang and the Tanchungya and some other tribes are the Buddhism followers in Bangladesh. The Buddhist temple “Buddha Dhatu Zadi” is located at Bandarban.


There is 0.6% population of Christianity followers. They follow the Roman Catholicism mostly. Christianity came in Bangladesh from the time of Portuguese traders and the missionaries. There are several churches in Bangladesh. The Holy Rosary’s Church is the most favorite to the Christianity followers.