Bangladesh weather

Bangladesh weather is tropical based. The monsoon air leads the climate here. The country is called the country of “Monsoon air”. The air comes from the southwest Indian Ocean called the monsoon air. All the changes occur in Bangladesh because of the monsoon air. Through this content you will know about the weather of Bangladesh. The colorful seasons of Bangladesh will also be described.

Seasons of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is also known for its tremendously changed climate. Climate change here every two months. There are four seasons like all other countries. But there are 2 extraordinary season in Bangladesh. Bangladesh also called “Country of six seasons”.

  • Summer
  • Rainy season
  • Autumn
  • Late autumn
  • Winter
  • Spring

Summer- Sun and sweat

Summer season is the first season of the Bengali year count. This season consists of two months, “Boishakh” and “Joistho”. Lots of fruits are available at this season. Bengali’s favorite mango and the national fruit Jackfruit is available at the last month of this season. So this season may be named as season of fruits. The Sun remains right over the head all day long and spread sunshine. This causes tremendous heat. During this season the “Kal Boishakhi Jhor”takes place. Sometimes it takes a very dangerous look. The tourists are free to enjoy the sunny days.

Rainy season – Refreshment and all day long rain

The “Ashar” and “Shrabon” come into the Rainy season. The monsoon air flows mostly at this season and the climate changes suddenly from the terrible heat to the fresh cool air. The sky becomes to get back and the sun disappears behind the clouds. It seems evening at the mid-noon of the day. Some day it rains all day long. This rain may continue for 2-3 days by non-stop. The rainbows are seen then. Some people love to sit at home and enjoy the day. But the day workers have to work, even when it’s raining cats and dogs. The sound of the raining and roaring of cloud really makes the day dreamy and excited. Children are seen to bath in the rain and mother prohibiting them. If any tourist is interested to enjoy the rain along with the drenched children, umbrella is their only support.

Autumn- Season of shiny clouds

This is a very lovely and comfortable season. The heat of summer goes completely and slight shivering in the winter come into the air. The sky looks the best in this season. The clouds’ colors seem like an art. They start from pure dark blue to sky blue. Lots of white clouds cover the sun and cut its heat. The “Kashful (one kind of flower)” are seen to bloom in a plenty by the river side. “Vadro” and “Arshin” cover the autumn season. This season is good to travel in Bangladesh. Tourists can enjoy the weather most.

Late autumn – Season of Nobanno

Bangladesh is a country of festivals. “Nobanno Utsab” or festival of new crops is celebrated in the late autumn. Farmers begin to cut yellow crops from the fields. They store the crops at the yard of their house. The housewives make different kind of pithas (cakes) with the new crop. “Kartik” and “Aggrahayon” are the months of late autumn. Bangladesh is a very hospitable country. The tourists are sure to be welcome in the Bangladeshi house, if they visit the Bangladeshi village during Nobanno.

Winter- dew and pithas (Cake)

Winter is the season of Pithas (Cakes). Bangladeshi people love to have different kind of pithas mainly in this season. Vapa and chitoi Pithas are the main attraction of winter. In the winter season you may see different pitha shops by the roadside. Morning here starts with the dew fall. When the sun raises the dew looks like sparkling. The sun rises late in the morning and sets early in the winter season. People gather and enjoy handmade fireplace. The “Poush” and “Magh” are winter season’s months. Tourist can visit Bangladesh in winter too. They can join the gathering of local people around the fire place. The winter pithas are there for your welcome.

Spring- Life of nature

After the lifeless situation of winter the Nature gets its life back in the spring. Spring means colorful flower blooming and the birds singing in the gardens. The last months of the bangle year “Falgun” and “Choitro” covers the spring. People begin to slightly feel the heat of the summers in the winter.  This is the best time to come to Bangladesh. Many of foreign tourists a seen the spring, colorful festivals and rally.

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