Bangladeshi Currency

The currency is the most useful and hand changed thing ever in the world. Bangladeshi Currency is not different than that. Through this content you will know about the Bangladeshi currency, history related to it, and its value in the world market and more.

Bangladeshi Currency

In Bangladesh the Bangladeshi currency is known as “Taka”. Bangladeshi Taka is symbolized by “$” and written as “Tk” in short. There are two appearances of Bangladeshi currency. One is “Note Taka” and the other is “Poisha” or coin. In the code language, it’s called “BDT”.

The currency exchange rate

The current rate of Bangladeshi currency is around 78 Taka in BDT equal to $1 in USD. The rate of 1 Saudi Arabian Riyal is 20Taka in BTD. You can know about the currency exchange rate of lots of country around the world at below link.

Relevant link – You need to type the amount which you need to exchange.

Note Taka

There are 9 types of note of different amount. They are 1 Taka, 2 Taka, 5 Taka, 10 Taka, 20 Taka, 50 Taka, 100 Taka, 500 Taka, 1000 Taka. The upcoming notes are of 25, 40 and 60 Taka.

Poisha or coins

100 poisha= 1 Taka. There 8 coins in Bangladesh are used. Those are 1 Poisha, 5 poisha, 10 poisha, 50 poisha and 1 Taka, 2 Taka, and 5 Taka. 1 Taka note is rarely used. The coins carrying poisha were used in past widely. But they are rarely used in these days. The coins in Taka are mostly used.

 History related to the Bangladeshi currency

Before the liberation war in 1971 Bangladeshi Taka was known as rupee in the Pakistan. The rupee changed to Taka in 1972, 4 March. The word Taka came from Sanskrit language “tanka”. The Rupee was named as Taka in the Bengali speaking parts of India.

Colors of Taka

There are different colors for different notes. The colors of 2 Taka note are orange and green. The Bangladeshi 2 Taka note is the world’s beautiful note by votes. The 5 Taka note is of cream color. The 10 Taka note is of pink color and the polymer 10 Taka banknotes are pink colors.  The 20 Taka note is of green color. There are two colors in 50 Taka note such as cream, lime green.  The 100 Taka note is blue colored. The 500 Taka is purpled Taka. And the color of 1000 Taka note is reddish pink.

Descriptions of the  notes

Notes with small amount

There are Shahid Minar at obverse side and National bird (Doyel) on the reverse side of Taka 2. There are Mehrab at obverse side and Industrial landscape on the reverse side of Taka 5. There are Baitul Mukarram at obverse side and Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban on the reverse side of Taka 10. There are the Coto Sona Mosque at obverse side and 4 men washing jute on the reverse side of Taka 20. There are the Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban at obverse side and the  Bagha Mosque  jute on the reverse side of Taka 50.

Notes with big amount

There are the National Monument at obverse side and Jamuna Bridge on the reverse side of Taka 100. There are the National Monument at obverse side and  The Supreme Court on the reverse side of Taka 500. There are the Shahid Minar at obverse side and Curzon Hall on the reverse side of Taka 1000.

Bangladesh bank

Bangladesh bank is the main point of all financial activities. It is the central bank of all internal banks of Bangladesh. All banks need to perform the financial activities. All the notes contain the signature of the Secretary  of Finance.