Bangladeshi food

Bangladeshi People are absolute food lovers. They love to have full plate spicy and colorful foods. They need no special occasions to cook special dishes for their family. But Bangladesh is a country of festivals. So almost through the year, pots remain on fire in the houses here. Here you are going to have some knowledge of tasty Bangladeshi foods.

Fish is everything in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a river enclosed country. Fishes are available here. The daily meal of the Bangladeshi people here is incomplete without a fish item. They like curry of fish, fish fry and more. Ilish (Hilsha) from the Padma River is their national fish. It is a very tasty fish and got plenty in quantity in Bangladesh. “Shorisha Ilish”is one of most favorite item of Hilsha.

Royalty at wedding and other festivals

Bangladeshi people have got a trend from the Mughol Empire. Mughol foods are called here Mughlai food which is available at Old Dhaka. The wedding parties and other festivals here are always being very cheerful, and full of dishes. People are invited and respected offering different kind of Royal food here. All kinds of meats are very popular at the wedding parties here. There are also made Biriany, Dal, Vegetable curry with lots of vegetables. There are arrangements of sweets too. Guests are received  with drinks here.

Pithas in winter

Bengali people love Pitha (one kind of cake). Winter is called the season of Pitha. There are Puli Pitha, Patisapta, Dudh (milk) pitha, Chitoi Pitha, Ful (flower) Pitha, and the most favorite Vapa Pitha. The Vapa is available in the winter. So many street shops are seen in winter to sell hot and tasty Vapa Pitha directly from the hearth. All these Pithas are made by the Bangladeshi women. They made it very affectionately to feed their family.


So many sweets are made in Bangladesh. But there are so many cities here that are known for individual sweets. “Bograr Doi” (Curd from Bogra), kacha Golla (Row sweet) from Nator, Rosomalai from Comilla, Chomchom from Tangail are favorite all over the world. Sondes is one kind of special sweet which is made from milk and sugar, it is also very famous here. The magic candy (Cotton candy) is made from sugar, children are fond of it.

Deshi (native) Drinks

People here love to have drinks from the street side shop or drink seller. All the native drinks are known as “sorbot” here. Different types of Deshi (native) drinks are available here. Ghol (Whisked salted milk or curd), Kejur ros (Juice of date), Akher ros (juice of), Gurer Sorbot (jaggery’s juice) and more.


The land is so fertile that fruit trees are found in a plenty in this country. Jackfruit is their national food. People love mango a lot. Lots of children are seen to pick mangos under the mango trees in the storm. They make fun doing so. Banana, litchi, pineapple, guava, palm, papaw and more are found here in Bangladesh.