Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with lots of trees. The entire creator including the birds can exist here safely. That’s why lots of birds are found here. These birds bring a life to the nature of Bangladesh. Here in this content some facts about the birds of Bangladesh are described. Some description of national bird and migratory birds will be given here.

Birds of Bangladesh

There are 661 species of birds are existed in the avifauna of Bangladesh. This is a report up to 2013. It’s based on the 200 years research. There is one introduced species to human. Almost 12 species are rare among them. About 3 species exist no longer. Bangladesh government is very careful and strict so that no one can hunt the birds. People here love to hunt and birds are their main attraction.

Some common birds of Bangladesh

Some common birds of Bangladesh are:

Titir (Francolin), Botera (Quail), Lal-gola Batai (Rufous- throated Partridge), Nataboter (Buttonquail), Kath-thokra (Woodpecker), Bosonto (Barbet), Nil-kanto (Roller), Kingfisher, Owl, Eagle, vulture, Dove, Kite, Pankouri (Cormorant), Bok (Heron), Kak (Crow), Shalik (Mayna), Bulbul and many more.

Birds who sing songs

Almost all the birds sing all the day. But there are some birds that are known for their sweet tone and beautiful songs. Those are called singing birds. Bangladeshi people remain resounded their sweet voice throughout the day. The Doel, Shalik, Magpie robin, and Cuckoo are some singing birds.

Birds who speak

People of Bangladesh love to make any bird talk. They keep different birds in their houses. There are different birds that are able to talk same as men or women. There is a talking Mayna in Mirpur National Zoo. That bird is able to say exactly whatever you want to make it tell. The Moyna, the Parrot, the Chandana, and the Shyama are some talking birds of Bangladesh.

National bird of Bangladesh

The national bird of Bangladesh is The Doel (Magpie). This is a nice bird with elegant black and white shade. The body is black and small portion near the feather, under its body and tail is white. It is most watched in singing the autumn and winter morning.

The Domestic birds

There are some birds which are seen in the villages. The villagers nourish these birds. They have eggs from them. Their flesh is also eaten. We get high protein from them. Hen, duck, goose, cock, pigeon are some domestic birds.

Migratory birds

There are some birds seen in the autumn and winter season in Bangladesh. These birds don’t belong to Bangladesh. During those seasons they appear in huge number. There are lots of rivers, swamps and lakes in Bangladesh. The birds from the winter based country find this place comfortable. These birds made fly hundreds of miles every year and come to this country. They stay here and go back to their real place. Rangamati, Sunamgange, Barisal are their favorite spots. The Beti, the Ayir, the Baim, the Titna, the Tara and more are some migratory birds.