Constitution of Bangladesh

Each and every particular country has own constitutions. All of them may be the same. Bangladesh has their constitution too. Every sector of this country has to follow them strictly. Otherwise, they will be guilty of the law violation. In this article you will about the important terms of

What is the Constitution

Constitute is the fundamental law under which every country is being governed. Constitute of every country is established for the development and tells about the population and resources. It is consists of several legal rules and regulations. Bangladesh government is also being led under the constitution of Bangladesh. Bangladesh follows some supreme laws which make the Constitute of Bangladesh. These laws make Bangladesh a People ’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The constitution of Bangladesh

The constitute of Bangladesh makes Bangladesh as a democratic country. There are included the human rights, fundamental principles of political issues, and all the laws under which all the judicial branches will work, all the establishments will operate and the entire population will be treated.  The first Constitution of Bangladesh was made  effective from 16th December 1971 but it was approved during the liberation war on 4th November, 1971 by Constitute Assembly of Bangladesh.

The Preamble

The constitution of Bangladesh is started with the preamble. It is the introduction of the constitution. All the main facts are described in the preamble. Here the all the guiding factors are summarized. The

Parts of the Constitute

There are 11 parts of the constitution of Bangladesh. They can be divided into two major parts.  1-7 number articles come in the 1st part and other in the second part. These are described below. Secularism, Nationality, Democracy and Socialism are the main properties of the preamble.

Main topics of the constitution of Bangladesh

There are 3 main organs of any state. And all of those are the main topic of the constitution of Bangladesh.

  1. Legislative sector
  2. Executive sector
  3. Judicial sector


The first part of constitute of Bangladesh tells about the nature, national issues and religions. The national emblem described all these. There is water resting national flower (Shapla or water lily) and on the each side there are ears of paddy which are bound with jute leaves. The religion of Bangladesh is Islam, but all the religions get equal respect here. The state language of Bangladesh is Bangla. This country has got its freedom from the Pakistani territory in 1971 according to the constitution of Bangladesh.


The second part of the constitution of Bangladesh contains all the fundamental rules of state policy. Those are needed to keep the country’s democracy untouched. This part describes the human rights, woman rights. The rural developments and rules of ownership and labor rights are included in this part. After the liberation war the 2nd part of the constitution of Bangladesh was divided into 4 parts. Those were Secularity, Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism. But the Secularity was replaced with the “trusting the Almighty Allah as the basis of all movements and complete trust in Allah”.

Amendment of the constitution

After the establishment of the constitution of Bangladesh, it has gone through several changes. This changes or modifications are made for a better future of the country.  After 1971 the constitution of Bangladesh has been amended 15 times. The last amendment was made in the year of 2011.