Flag of Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh is very meaningful to the people of Bangladesh. No one can tolerate any disrespect of it. You can go through the content to know about the history behind the achievement of the flag. You can also know about the meaning of the colors, its dimension and the rules of raising the flag and more.

Description of Bangladesh

These specifications of the national flag of Bangladesh are verified by the Government of Bangladesh.

  • The color of the flag has to bottle green with a red circle near the midpoint.
  • The flag has to be in rectangular shape with proportion 10:6.
  • The circle radius  has to be one-fifth of the length of the flag. The center point has to be at the intersection of the perpendicular line from the nine-twentieth part of the length of the flag and the horizontal line through the middle of the flag.
  • Green color has to be of Procion Brilliant Green H- 2RS 50 parts per 1000. The red circle would be Procion Brilliant orange H- 2RS 60 parts per 1000.

History behind the Flag

Bangladesh has achieved its independence in 1971, 16th December. Before the liberation there was used the flag of Pakistan. But People were not willing to raise the flag in this area; they wanted this area to be named as Bangladesh rather than East Pakistan. The fight for the nation, the fight for freedom was started in 26th March. After the sacrifice of 30 lacks people of Bangladesh including teachers, students, farmers, women, and children they had achieved their own flag and freedom to raise that.

Adoption of the flag

We finally adopted officially in 1972, 17the January. The same flag was used during the war but there was a yellow map of Bangladesh inside the red circle. The map was removed in 1972.First the flag was hoisted at the Dhaka University. Student leader A.S.M Abdur Rab hoisted the flag.

Final design of the flag

First the flag was designed  by painter Shib Narayan Das. He was the leader of Shawdhin Bangla Nucleus. It was made from the clothes which was denoted by the owner Apollo Tailors, Bazlur Rahman Lasker. The original flag was designed by painter Quamrul Hassan in 1971, 2 March.

World record

Recently Bangladesh has made a world record. There were gathered about 27,117 Bangladeshis in the National Parade Ground. This place is located at Dhaka Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. They gathered and made the world’s largest “Human flag”. Thus the name of Bangladesh made a place in the Guinness record book once again. This record was made by the Pakistan before and Bangladeshi People again achieved victory over them. A good team of Guinness World Record presented there as an eye witness of the incredible view. They stayed in the position for 6 minutes and 16 seconds holding the plate over their head. They made it to celebrate their victory day on 16th December 2013.It was their 43rd Victory day.