Language of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi people talk in Bangla. But they used to talk in the regional language of different region of this country. All the way through this content you will know about Language of Bangladesh, its origin and different regional language. 21st February is a significant day of Bangla Language speaking people. This day will also be described in this content.

Origin of Bengali language

Bengali is an eastern Indo-Aryan Language. It is a South Asian native language.  When many other languages get grown approximately 1000-1200 CE, the same thing had happened with Bengali. Today it’s the national language of Bangladesh.  Language of Bangladeshi is the modern and standard Bengali. This modern Bengali is called as the literary form of Bengali. The literary form of Bengali has started to get developed in the 19th to 20th centuries. It has got so much changes. The standard Bengali speech is much different from the colloquial speech. The fact is that they are identified for their language.

Old Bengali Language

Old Bengali language comes from 900-1400. Then it was used in Charyapada. It was a devotional song. Different Assames and Oriya come out of this period. This language was influenced by Kamrupi language. Then the entire Bengali area including Assam, Bengal, Orissa, and Bihar was under Kamrupa kingdom.

Middle age Bengali

It’s about 1400- 1800. Then the famous Chandidas’s Shreekrisna kirtan was written in Bengali. There was an influence of Persian language in Bengali that time.

New Bengali language

The latest Bengali language has gone through different changes. It has now new pronouns and punctuation. It’s been started since 1800.

Sacrifice for Bangla

In the year of 1952, so many young fresh lives were sacrificed for the sake of language. It was 21st February. Bengali people refused to speak in Urdu and started to raise voice. Then the powerful party of Pakistan fired on them. Including Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Jabbar, Shafique many students had died. This day has got the honor of International Mother Language day by UNESCO in 1999, 17 November.

Place of Bangla language in the world

There are several places in the world where Bengali is spoken. Where the Bengali people have gone and stayed, they have created a Bengali speaking society. Besides that, Bengali is the second language of India. Assam, Orissa, Kolkata (West Bengal), Tripura etc. are the Bengali speaking regions of India. Bangla is now the 7th ranked language. About 250 million people are talking in Bengali this time. Among them about 2200 millions are native. Now it is one of the most spoken languages.

Language of Bangladesh

There are main four regions in Bangladesh based on language. Those are Chittagonion, Sylhet, Chakma, north area. All the people of these place talk in Bengali but the tone is different. All these are unofficially but mostly used. Besides, Bangladesh has now its 38 home languages including the tribal. Bangladeshi official language is Bangla. But English is also widely used here especially for educational purposes and international communication.