NGO in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi People are so much serious for their security. They try to adopt the easiest way to have a security or back up plan for everything. Through this content you will know about the NGO in Bangladesh, different NGOs and their purposes and more.

What is an NGO

The full form of NGO is Non-governmental organization. NGOs are independent organizations from governmental participation. Hence it is totally or partially funded by the government but there remains no governmental membership in the institution.

NGOs in Bangladesh

NGOs are like friends to the Bangladeshi people. It helps the village people mostly. It works for the development of the village life including adult learning, financial help, primary education, juvenile justice, facing disaster, development of childhood, sanitation and health care also. There are over two thousand NGOs in Bangladesh.

Different NGOs in Bangladesh

Description of some leading NGOs of Bangladesh is given below:

  • Annesha foundation: Its intention is to help both rural and urban people in case of health, education and finance.
  • AITAM welfare organization: It provides clinical training, health and FP service. Its motive is to keep people healthy.
  • ASA: It provides both financial and non-financial help. Anyone can have loan, own savings, insurance. It also takes care of health, education, and more. The ASA has become an international institution and has left their footprint at different country including India, Pakistan, Philippine, Ghana and more.
  • BRIF: Peace and prosperity are its main goal. It works to empower the people and establish the rights of the poor. They also help them to earn by their own capability.
  • TMSS (Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha): It is one of the biggest NGO in Bangladesh who has adopted the micro credit system. It works in the development of rural helpless women. It is a partner organization of NCC bank.

There are also so many NGOs like Tonga, The optimist, Bangladesh law and Society trust, The Zakat foundation or America Bangladesh, The centers for international programs, Inc., The costal rural and urban poor development association (The CRUPDA), and more.

Function of the NGOs

In Bangladesh NGOs are usually thought as a help in any kind of accident. NGOs main motive has always been to help the population of Bangladesh and made a self dependent and educated Bangladesh. There are many functional works are done by NGOs.

Enhancement of Livelihood: It helps to use the population power in the production field. They support people to start a small business like forestry, livestock, poultry, and plumbing, duck rearing, fish culture, textile and more. They arrange insurance for them and offer saving to their customers.

Education program: NGOs are often scholarship to the good students of their customers. Some NGOs offer villagers to educate their children up to class 5 under their supervision. They find new ways to help the children to learn.

Training on different things: NGOs arrange different training to make the poor capable to do something and to enhance their skills.