Poverty in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. The entire populations are not rich. There are so many slum areas. That means there are many poor people. But the government is well concerned about the poverty in Bangladesh. It is trying to take the rate of poverty in Bangladesh under control. You will get some idea about the poverty in Bangladesh through this article.

Poverty in Bangladesh

Recently in 2013 according to the Bangladesh bureau of statistics, there are 26% of Bangladeshi people are below the poverty line. The goal of Bangladesh was to touch the UN’s poverty goal by 2015. The goal was to take the poverty line below 29.5% within 2015. But Bangladesh has touched the line before the deadline.

Decreasing the poverty rate

The rate was 57% in 1990. In 2000 it was 48.9% below the poverty line. In 2010 Bangladesh poverty rate comes at 31.5 %. If we compare it then we can see that the poverty rate has gone low in the last 10 years. From 2000 to 2010, about 1.8 billion population of Bangladesh was being free from the trap of Population.

Causes of decreasing the poverty rate

  • Increasing GPD is one of the perfect causes. Its increasing decrease the percentage of people under the poverty line. Today the yearly earning per people have increased.
  • People are getting more educated. They are getting jobs at home and abroad. Thus they are being freed from the poverty.
  • Bangladeshi people are now accepting family plans. So they are having less number of children. Thus they are being able to lead a better life.
  • The country is now being urbanized. More people are coming to the cities. They are working and improving their situation.
  • The Bangladesh Government is now establishing more industries. That’s giving the poor and unemployed work. It’s helping to overcome the poverty.

Causes of poverty

There are many reasons that still so many people of Bangladesh are poor. These are described below.

Lack of Education

There are so many illiterate people in the Bangladeshi villages. They are unable to understand different systems of overcome the poverty. They are not applying family planning. The family of them is getting larger. Thus the poor are becoming poorer.

Lack of Job

There are not enough jobs sectors in Bangladesh. The existed sectors are being unable to accommodate the large number of people. Every year so many students are completing their graduation. But they have to face the lack of jobs after the final exam.

Environmental problems

The geological placement of Bangladesh is really guilt for the poverty. Bangladesh has to face so many natural calamities every year. The people near the Bay of Bengal are the main sufferers. That’s why the people of south part are poorer than others.

Depending on just the Capital

The economy of Bangladesh is Dhaka based. Many people from the whole country come to Dhaka. They go there to find a job. But again the lacking of job appears. There are not enough industries in each district. That’s the reason of depend on Dhaka. But it causes poverty to the jobless people.