Volunteer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a center of natural calamities in Asia. The poverty line is under 26% here. Many natural disasters take place every year several times. The poor become the main sufferer of the disasters. In the critical situation of the helpless people volunteers are the big help of them. Through this writing you will get to know about a different group of volunteer in Bangladesh.

Who are volunteers

Volunteers are the group of people who work for human being. They work to make human life little better. They work for people, but without any expectation. They don’t expect to have any revenue or praise instead of their help.  They do this for self-respect and self satisfaction. The volunteers find it fun. It helps to develop the society. One can apply his expertise and shine his skill through socialization.

The volunteer in Bangladesh

There are so many volunteer groups in Bangladesh. There are so many small groups. Different organizations of group of students make their own volunteer groups. They provide services at their near locality. But there are some big volunteer groups whose boundaries are beyond the country. Some well known volunteer groups are VAB (Volunteer Association for Bangladesh), VBD (Volunteer for Bangladesh) under the JAAGO foundation, VSO and more. The VBD gets the support of the U.S Embassy and now they have 21 branches.

Activities of the volunteers in Bangladesh

The groups of volunteer in Bangladesh do so many things to make people happy to make themselves happy. As they find happiness the smile of the helpless. They did so many great jobs. Some of them are described below.

Arranging functions

The volunteers arrange several functions at different occasions. They celebrate children’s day, women’s day, Labor Day and more. They arrange some fun thing for the day related people and try to make them happy, offer them some food and clothes. They also arrange many entertainment shows, concerts and more. Thus, they collect money from people and spread them among the poor. They arrange different rallies to increase consciousness among the people.

In natural disaster

Bangladesh is one of the most affected by the natural disaster. In those times the groups of volunteers reach there with food, clothes, medications, and fresh water. They help to rebuild the crushed houses, help to recover to the affected and sick people and feed them.  They stand by them emotionally too. Thus the affected people feel some safe.

Helping the orphans

They sometime visit the orphanages. They bought several gifts for them. They bought them new clothes and have some good fun with the helpless children. They make this job, especially in the children’s day. In this year of 2013 VBD celebrated the children’s day fifth time.

Cleaning the surroundings

Bangladesh is not so neat and clean country. One can see the gathered dust and dirty things. Sometimes and especially on the environmental day (5th June) they try to come out clean their locality at least. They encourage people to keep their surroundings clean.


Many volunteer groups give free tuition to the poor children. They try to make sure that any excellence doesn’t waste because of money. The VAB takes the duty to give tuition from 6-10 class. They also arrange teachers training, scholarship and more.


IVD means International Volunteer Day. The United Nation has declared the December 17 as the International Volunteer Day on 1985. The Bangladeshi Volunteer groups also celebrate this day with several volunteering activities.