Where is Bangladesh

The official name of Bangladesh is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. You can read the content to know some important information about Bangladesh such as where is Bangladesh, its border area and geographical location of it.

Where is Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country of Asia continent. It is located in South Asia. Almost entire Bangladesh is surrounded by India and other sides are by Myanmar and Bay of Bengal.

Boarders of Bangladesh

The three sides of Bangladesh are bordered by The India. The West Bengal and Bihar are located by its west side, the Meghalaya and Assam are by its east side and the Manipur and Tripura are located by its east side. Some south- east portion of Bangladesh is bordered by Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal surrounds its almost entire south and little east border. These wide range of Bay of Bengal gifts Bangladesh the largest sea beach Cox’s Bazar in the world.

Geographical Location of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a little country with 147,570 square kilometers. If we consider its geographical coordinates to know where is Bangladesh, it’s located between the latitude of 240 00’ north of the Equator and the longitude of 900 00’ east of the Greenwich.

Rivers of Bangladesh

The country has got another name which is “land of River” as there are so many rivers flowing through the country coming from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. The main rivers are the Jamuna, the Padma, the Meghna and the Brahmaputra The world’s largest delta, Ganges Delta also frees into the Bay of Bengal, that’s why Bangladesh comes in the range of low lying Ganges Delta.

Relation with the world

It also maintains a good relation with the other countries. Bangladesh is one of the SAARC membered eight countries of South Asia. It has joined in the Commonwealth in 1972 after the liberation as an independent country by the greatest Freedom War. Along with being a member of OIC it is attached with so many organizations across the world. It also joined with the United Nation in 1974 and now playing an important role in international peach keeping activities.

Bangladesh got its freedom in 1971, 16 December. Then it gets an individual identity and its own place in the world map as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.