Bangladesh Holidays 2014

Bangladesh is a land of culture and festival, whether it is historical, religious or national. There are some days which are celebrated by the Bangladeshi nation as occasion as well as holiday. Listed below are some of the major Bangladesh Holidays. To learn more about Holidays in Bangladesh, read on and feel free to navigate through our site.

March 2014

  • Independence Day of Bangladesh 2014 – 26th March is the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Bangladesh celebrates this day as a public holiday.
  • Father of the Nation’s Birth Anniversary  – Sheikh Mujibor Rahman is the Father of Nation of Bangladesh. He was also the leader of Liberation War 1971 of Bangladesh. Every year 17th March Bangladeshi people observe this day as a holiday and pay respect to him.

APRIL 2014

  • Pohela Boishakh – 1st day of Baishakh, 1st month of Bengali calendar is the Bengali New Year of Bangladesh which is called Pohela Boishakh in Bengali. Every year 14th April Bengali nation celebrate this day as a national festival. Pohela Boishakh is public holiday in Bangladesh.

MAY 2014

  • May Day in Bangladesh  – 1st day of May is the May Day which is observed in Bangladesh as a public holiday to pay respect on the workers who sacrificed their life for justice on 1886.
  • Shab e Barat in Bangladesh – Night of 15th Shaban, a month of Islamic calendar is the Shab e-Batat. As a religious festival Muslim of Bangladesh observe this day. Shab e-Barat is a public holiday in Bangladesh.
  • Buddha Day in Bangladesh  – Buddha Purnima/ Vesak are the biggest religious festival of Buddhist community. Buddha Purnima observed on the full moon of Vesakha month, a month of Buddhist calendar. Banglash observe this day as a National Holiday.

July 2014

  • Shab e Qadr in Bangladesh – Night of 27th Ramadan, an Islamic month is the Shab e Qadr. It is a religious festival which called Night of Destiny. Shab e-Qadr is a public holiday and Muslim of Bangladesh observes this festival every year.
  • Jumatul Bidah:  Jumatul Bidah means farewell of Friday. Last Friday of Ramadan month is called Jumatul Bidah. It is a religious occasion and public holiday in Bangladesh.
  • Eid-ul-Fiter in Bangladesh – 1st day of Sawwal month, an Islamic month is called Eid-ul-Fiter. It is the biggest religious festival of Muslim community of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh observes 3 days public holiday on Eid-ul-Fiter.
  • Chand Raat in Bangladesh


  • National Mourning Day in Bangladesh 2014 – On 15th August of 1975 Father of Nation of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibor Rahman was killed with his almost all family members. Every year People of Bangladesh observe this day as National Mourning Day and it is a national holiday in Bangladesh.
  • Janmashtami Bangladesh 2014 – Janmastami is one of the most important religious festivals of Hindu community. This day is important for the birth of Hindu Lord Krishna. Hindu community of Bangladesh enjoy this day as a public holiday.


  • Durga Puja in Bangladesh – Durga Puja is the biggest religious festival of Hindu community. Hindus of Bangladesh observe this day with religious mood and it is a public holiday in Bangladesh.
  • Eid-ul-Azha in Bangladesh  – 10th Day of Jill-hazz month, 12th month of Islamic calendar is the Eid-ul-Azha. It is the 2nd biggest religious festival of Islamic community. People of Bangladesh enjoys 3 days public holiday on Eid-ul-Azha.


  • Ashura in Bangladesh – Muharram/ Ashura are one of the most significant religious festivals of Muslim Community. 10th day of Moharram, 1st month of Islamic calendar is called Ashura. As a Muslim country Bangladesh observes this day as a holiday.
  • Ashura
  • Nabanna Festival in Bangladesh – Nabanna Festival is a food festival of Bangladesh.