Ashura in Bangladesh 2014

Ashura is the 10th day of Muharram, first and one of the most important month of Islamic calendar. Ashura is also called the Day of Mourning in Bangladesh. On 10th Moharram of Hijri 61 grandson of great Prophet Mohammad (SM) Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) got martyred in Karbala.

When is the Ashura in Bangladesh 2014?

Ashura 2014 will be observed on the Saturday, 15th November 2014.

Ashura is always celebrated in 10th day of Muharram month of Islamic calendar.

Why Ashura is Important?

Ashura is important for the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hossain and his family members at Karbala in Iraq. This day is considered as one of the most significant days of Islam. Every year Muslims of the world observes this day to remember Hazrat Imam Hossain the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (SM) and to pay respect to him.

How Ashura is observed in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh Ashura is a public holiday. Muslims in Bangladesh observe Ashura with religious mood and great solemnity.  Most of the Muslims in Bangladesh keep fast on this day. They also observe Ashura by special namaz, doa, reciting Quran, feeding poor and donating money in mosque. To remember Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) Muslims of Shia community in Bangladesh arranges procession every year on Ashura which is called Tazia.

Special massages are given by Prime Minister and President of Bangladesh on Ashura. TV channels, radio channels aired special programs and newspaper & other print media publishes special supplements on this special day which focuses on the significance and importance of Ashura.


Ashura is one of the most important occasions for Muslims in Bangladesh. This day is also called Muharram widely in Bangladesh. Every Musmilm of Bangladesh observe this day to remember Hazrat Imam Hossain(RA) and to pay respect on him.