Buddha Day in Bangladesh 2014

Buddha Day (also know as Vesak/Wesak/Vesakha)  is the biggest religious festival of Buddhist community in Bangladesh. Buddha Day is also known as “Buddha Purnima” widely in Bangladesh. People of Buddhist religion observe this religious festival every year across the country as the Buddha Day signifies the birth, enlightenment and death of the Gautam Buddha, God of Buddhist community.

When is the Buddha day in Bangladesh 2014?

Buddha Day 2014 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 6th May of 2014.

Buddha Day is always celebrated on the full moon of Veshakha month, a month of Buddhist calendar which is usually in May.

Why Buddha Day is Important?

Buddha Day is most holy day for Buddhist community in Bangladesh. Buddha Day is especially important for the birthday, enlightenment and passing away of the Gautam Buddha. People of Buddhist community consider this day as the most sacred and blessed day of that religion. Buddha Day holds great importance and significance for the birthday of Gautam Buddha.

How Buddha Day is observed in Bangladesh?

Buddha Day is a public holiday in Bangladesh. This day is observed by the Buddhist community every year in Bangladesh with great solemnity. Buddha Day is a one of the most joyous days for Buddhist community. On this day Buddhist temple decorates nicely. Bangladesh Buddhist Association arranges different programs on Buddha Day like Sibali Puja, joint prayer and peace rally. Buddhist community also observes this day by doing Buddha Puja, taking panca & atta shila and by lightening candles.

Like other religious day Prime Minister and President of Bangladesh also gives separate massages on Buddha Day. Print media and satellite media also play role in observing Buddha Day.


Buddha Day is the largest religious occasion of Buddhist community which is known as Buddha Purnima in Bangladesh. People of Buddhist Community in Bangladesh celebrate and enjoys with religious and festive favor in all over the country. People of other community of Bangladesh also take part in celebration of Buddha Day.