Chand Raat in Bangladesh 2014

Chand Raat is the immediate before night of Eid-ul-Fiter. In English Chand Raat means Night of Moon. In Bangladesh it is called Chaad Raat. Chaad means Moon and Raat means Night. Chand Raat is one of the most enjoyable nights in Bangladesh.

When is the Chand Raat in Bangladesh 2014?

Chand Raat 2014 will be observed on the Tuesday, 29th July of 2014.

Chand Raat is always celebrated on one night immediate before of Chand Raat.

Why Chand Raat is Important?

Chand Raat is important because from this night celebration of Eid-ul-Fiter. People of Bangladesh feel the happiness of festival on Chand Raat. This night comes with lots of happiness and very good news that next day is Eid-ul-Fiter. That is why Chand Raat is important in Bangladesh especially for children.

How Chand Raat is observed in Bangladesh?

Chand Raat started when moon is seen in the sky. People grate each other by common greeting Eid Mubarak. They also go to the shopping mall for last shopping. Women decorate their hands with beautiful designs of henna or mehendi and prepare different delicious dishes for next day. Bangladeshi Muslim celebrates Chand Raat with great festive mood. People of other community also join in this happy occasion.


Chand Raat is one of the most significance nights which celebrate before Eid-ul-fiter. All people of Bangladesh enjoys this day though it is a religious festival of Islam. They celebrate Chand