Christmas in Bangladesh 2013

Bangladesh is a country of culture and festive. In Bangladesh Christmas is known as ‘Boro Din’. ‘Boro’ means ‘Big’ and ‘Din’ means ‘Day’. So ‘Boro Din’ means ‘Big Day’. In Bangladesh Christmas celebrates with great enjoyment. Not only Christians but also people of all religion enjoys this day.

When is the Christmas 2014?

Christmas day 2013 will be observed on Wednesday, 25th December 2013.

Christmas is always celebrated in 25th day of December.

Why Christmas is Important in Bangladesh ?

For Christians Christmas day is a very sacred and important day. The day is Christian holiday. This day is especially important for Jesus Christ’s birthday. So Christian celebrates this day in memory of birth of Jesus Christ with great importance.

In Bangladesh Christmas holds great importance and significance as Jesus Christ taken birth on this day. Jesus is most important to Christian religious. Most of them believe that Jesus is the son of God.

The main purpose of celebrating the day is to show the love and respect of Christian to their God. By celebrating Christmas they express what they feel for their religion and Jesus.

How the Christmas Day observed in Bangladesh?

Christmas day is celebrated with festive mood in Bangladesh as the day is the day of joy, love and sharing. Churches, streets and homes decorated with lights and ‘Christmas Tree’. Some village people use banana tree as Christmas tree and decorate the tree with lights and angel ornaments. Christians also sing carols in this day. Actually people of Bangladesh celebrate Christmas in their special way. Big churches of the country host different programs. Not only churches but also different organization even five star hotel and restaurants arrange different programs, special food menu, Christmas cake and lots of gifts for children with ‘Santa Claus’. Most of the Bangladeshi enjoys Christmas Eve together. They spend their time in visiting house to house, opening gifts and eating special dishes. This day is celebrated with great festivity and enjoyment.


Christmas day bears great significance and importance to Christians. This day is considered as the day of blessings of God. Bangladeshi nation enjoys and celebrate this day to express their feelings, faith and respect to God. This day also brings opportunity to show love and affection to each other.