Eid-ul-Fiter in Bangladesh 2014

Eid-ul-Fiter is the first day of Sawwal, the 10th month of Islamic Calendar. Eid-ul-Fiter is observed after the completion of Ramadan month. Eid-ul-Fiter is the most joyous day for Muslims in Bangladesh. On this day Muslims cannot keep fast. This is the day of shareing love, expressing joy and happiness with each other.

When is the Eid-ul-Fiter 2014?

Eid-ul-Fiter 2014 will be observed on the Wednesday, 30th July 2014.

Eid-ul-Fiter is always celebrated in 1st day of Sawwal month.

Why Eid-ul-Fiter is Important?

Eid-ul-Fiter is very spiritual day for every Muslims in Bangladesh. Eid-ul-Fiter is important because on this day Muslims thank great Allah to give them blessings and strength to fast a whole month of Ramadan. Muslims of Bangladesh and all other Muslim country of the world believe that Eid-ul-Fiter brings joy and happiness in people’s life. That’s why this day holds great significance and importance in Bangladesh.

Eid-ul-Fiter is one of the two main festivals of Islam. Eid-ul-Fiter is considered as the day of breaking fast. Because after fasting 30 days in Ramadan month this day comes with lots of happiness. It is a festival of unity which brings people together to share the happiness with each other.

How Eid-ul-Fiter is observed in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh Eid-ul-Fiter is the most important and biggest religious festival for Muslim. Bangladesh observes 3 days holiday on Eid-ul-Fiter. Eid prayer held all over the country on Eid-ul-Fiter. After returning people love to visits home of each other and eat lots of delicious and rich foods especially sweet dish.

There is a special and common dish which made in every home that is “Semai”. It is the tradition in Bangladesh that all gentlemen embrace each other on Eid day, younger touches feet of older and older gives money to them as blessings. Kids enjoys this day most. They only enjoys, visits home, eat food and plays. TV channels and radio channels broadcast special programs. Special supplements published by newspaper and other print media. Though the Eid is for one day but people of Bangladesh celebrate this day for 7 to 10 days. Not only Muslims but also people of all religion celebrate this day. In Bangladesh it is like the national festival.


Eid-ul-Fiter is the biggest religious festival of Muslims in Bangladesh. Eid day is celebrated both in religious and festive mood by Bangladeshi people. Eid-ul-Fiter bears great importance and significance in Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh love to celebrate the Eid day with family and relatives.