Ekushey Book Fair 2015 (Omor Ekushey Boi Mela)

Ekushey Book Fair is called Omor Ekushey Boi Mela in Bengali which means Book Fair of Immortal 21st in English. This book fair is the biggest book fair as well as national book fair of Bangladesh. Ekhushey Book Fair is held once in a year in the Bangla Academy premier which is in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

When is the Ekushey Book Fair 2015 in Bangladesh?

Ekushey Book Fair 2015in Bangladesh will be observed on Sunday, 1st February of 2015. This fair runs for one month long and it will end on Saturday, 28th February of 2015.

Ekushey Book Fair is always celebrated on 1st February and end on 28th February at Bangla Academy premier, Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Why Ekushey Book Fair is Important?

Ekushey Book Fair is Important because this fair is devoted to the martyrs of 21st February of 1952 who has sacrificed their life for mother language. Now this book fair is not merely book fair it also reflects the history and culture of Bangladesh. Ekushey Book Fairs holds such importance that it is regarded as the cultural reunion of Bangladesh.

How Ekushey Book Fair is observed in Bangladesh?

Ekushey Book Fair is a month long festival which starts at 1st February and ends at 28th February every year and it is held in the premier of Bangla Academy which is located in Dhaka city. As Ekushey Book Fair is a national book fair, it is controlled by the Ministry of Culture of Bangladesh. Almost 400 books publishers of Bangladesh participate in fair with their book stall. They offer up to 25% discount on books to attract people.

Book authors or book writers also present on the fair to interact with people. Thousands of people gather on the fair everyday and they love to get autographs of famous writers. People of all ages waits whole year for February month, comes book fair and enjoy buying new books of the year.


Ekushey Book Fair is of the most important and popular event of Bangladesh. Every year Bangla Academy in Dhaka and Government of Bangladesh arranges this national fair in February month and it runs for a month. Thousands of people attend every single day of fair and buy lots of books of their favorite author.