Janmashtami Bangladesh 2014

Janmastami is an important religious festival of Hindu community in Bangladesh. It is the birth day of a Hindu deity called Lord Krishna. People of Hindu religion in Bangladesh celebrate this day with festive mood and great enjoyment.

When is the Janmastami in Bangladesh 2014?

Janmastami in Bangladesh 2014 will be observed on the Sunday, 17th August of 2014.

Janmastami in Bangladesh always celebrated on Sravanna month of Bengali Calendar.

Why Janmastami is Important in Bangladesh?

Janmastami is important especially for the birthday of Lord Krishna. Hindu community believes that on this day Lord Vishnu has taken reincarnation as Lord Krishna. Such a birth on Janmastami holds importance in Bangladesh.

Purpose of celebrating Janmastami is to encourage good act and discourage and act of the people. This occasion is considered as the occasion of faith and unity as it brings all people together.

How Janmastami in Bangladesh is observed?

Janmastami is a public holiday in Bangladesh. This day is observed on the 8th day called Asthami of dark fortnight called Krishna Paksha in August-September month (Shravanna, a month of Bengali calendar). People of Hindu religion in Bangladesh keep fast and stay up till the midnight. Temples and housed are decorated with the idol of Lord Krishna. In Bangladesh Dhakeswari Temple, the national temple of Bangladesh arranges a procession on Janmastami. Most of the organization of Hindu Community arranges different programs including worship of Lord Krishna, recitation of Gita, feeding the poor etc.


Janmastami is the birthday of Lord Krishna of Hindu religion. It is the most auspicious and significant day for Hindu Community in Bangladesh. They celebrate this day with great solemnity and religious mood.