May Day in Bangladesh 2014

May Day is the first day of May month. This day is a day for the workers. May Day is observed in Bangladesh in the way like other countries of the world observe. Purpose of observing this day is to give massage to whole world to concern about rights of the workers. May Day is the day of demanding justice for the workers to make their life safer and secured.

When is the May Day 2014?

May Day 2014 will be observed on Thursday, 1st May 2014.

May Day is always celebrated in 1st day of May.

Why May Day is Important in Bangladesh?

In every country of the world May Day is equally important. Bangladesh is no exception. Like every other countries May Day holds special importance also in Bangladesh.

May Day is a special day as in 1886 many workers sacrificed their life for their rights in Chicago. Workers of developing countries like Bangladesh are still in same worst position. They are still struggling to establish their rights. They are deprived of their fundamental rights even present time. Especially in Bangladesh workers are very much neglected. This is the day when workers can raise their voice more loudly against depriving of their rights. That is why May Day bears importance in Bangladesh.

How May Day is observed in Bangladesh?

May Day is a public holiday in Bangladesh. President and Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition Party of Bangladesh issues separate massages on this day. Workers processes rally on May Day and raise their voice to express their demands. Different government, non-government, NGO, workers group and trade unions arrange different programs such as discussion programs or talk show. They discuss about the problems of workers and suggest possible solutions. Except this Broadcast media broadcast and print media publishes special programs and bruisers especially for May Day.


May is the 1st day of May month which is known as May Day. This day is also called the day of workers. In Bangladesh this day holds great significance as workers are still not safe and secure in Bangladesh. This day observed with importance in Bangladesh. Bangladesh observes this day every year.