International Mother Language Day of Bangladesh

21st February is the Mother Language Day of Bangladesh. Bangladesh observed mother language day every year on this day. Bangladeshi nations express their love and respect for their mother language by celebrating 21st February. Mother Language Day of Bangladesh recognized internationally and now it is International Mother Language Day.

When is the International Mother Language Day of Bangladesh 2015?

International Mother Language Day of Bangladesh 2015 will be celebrated on Friday, 21st of February.

International Mother Language Day of Bangladesh is always celebrated in February 21st.

International Mother Language Day 2015 Theme

For 2015, the International Mother Language Day’s theme is: Inclusion in and through education – Language counts

This theme emphasizes the fact that the spread of education primarily depends on language. Those who belong to linguistic minorities have lesser chances of obtaining quality education. Even if they pass that hurdle, chances of further progress are scant due to lesser opportunities offered to them. That inequality will be the focus for this year.

Why the International Mother Language Day is Important?

Mother language is the greatest weapon to express one’s feeling. Mother language of one country is the sign of independence of that country. The International Mother Language Day of Bangladesh also bears great importance to every Bangladeshi.

On the day 21st February, 1952 four students of Dhaka University were killed by police of West Pakistan. The reason was they wanted ‘Bengali’ as official language instead of ‘Urdu’. After that the East Pakistan’s fight for language war started and after a long time the language ‘Bengali’ has got it’s recognition as official language. Fighting for the language has become a history of Bangladesh which is remembered worldwide annually with great respect.

On 17th November 1999 UNESCO has declared this day as International Mother Language Day to promote awareness about significance of 21st February. The United Nations General Assembly also gave formal recognition of the observance of UNESCO. Now 21st February observed worldwide as International Mother Language Day. The day is known as Shohid Dibosh in Bangladesh.

How the International Mother Language Day is observed in Bangladesh?

21st February is a public holiday in Bangladesh. A martyr’s monument called ‘Shohid Minar’ has made in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh to pay respect on martyrs. People of Bangladesh go to the ‘Shohid Minar’ at early morning and on empty footed, holds black badge. They pay their respect by laying flowers on ‘Shohid Minar’. Most of the men wear ‘panjabi’ and women wear black ‘sharee’. Different cultural, social and political programs are arranged. On this day national flag kept half-mast in every institution. Radio and Television channels of Bangladesh broadcast different special programs. Different songs of nationalism are heard in everywhere, specially the song of 21st February.

Replicas of martyr’s monument has established now in many countries to observe the International Mother Language Day with proper respect.


21st February, the Mother Language Day of Bangladesh is a history for the whole world. Mother Language Day of Bangladesh is locally known as Shohoid Dibash and every Bangladeshi observe this day by remembering the great martyrs with respect. The history of Mother Language Day is an inspiration for the world to love one’s own mother tongue. That is why UNESCO has given recognition the 21st February and now the day is observed all over the world