Nabanna Festival in Bangladesh 2014

Nabanna Festival is a food festival of Bangladesh. Nabanna is a Bengali word which means ‘New Crop’ in English. After harvesting new crop nabanna festival is celebrated. New crop is mainly mean paddy or rice.

When is the Nabanna Festival 2014 in Bangladesh?

Nabanna Festival will be observed on Saturday, 15th November of 2014 in Bangladesh. It is a day long festival which ends on the same day.

Nabanna Festival is always celebrated in 1st day of Agrahayan, a month of Bengali calendar.

Why Nabanna Festival is Important?

Nabanna Festival is mostly important to the rural people of Bangladesh. Especially for cultivators or farmers of Bangladesh Nabanna Festival is most important.  Because they harvest new crop on this day and by farming they live their life. As agriculture is the prime profession of people of Bangladesh this day holds great importance in Bangladesh.

How Nabanna Festival is observed in Bangladesh?

On Nabanna Festival women of Bangladesh make different dishes and snacks with new crops that harvested. They make varieties of snacks made from rice or rice flour which is called ‘Pitha’ in Bangladesh.

Nabanna Fair is held is many of the villages even in city of Bangladesh. There arranges programs of folk songs, dance and exhibition & selling of hand made things in the fair.


Nabanna Festival is considered as the Festival of Food or New Crop in Bangladesh. It is the day of grand celebration for the people of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh celebrate Nabanna Festival by making food by new crops, eating, singing and dancing.