Shab e Qadr in Bangladesh 2014

In Bangladesh 27th night of Holy Islamic month Ramadan is the Shab e Qadr. In Arab word Shab e Qadr is called ‘Laiat ul Qadr’. Shab e Qadr means the ‘Night of Power’ or ‘Night of Measurement’ or Night of Destiny’. To every Muslims in Bangladesh Shab e Qadr is most important and significant day.

When is the Shab e Qadr 2014?

Shab e Qadrt 2014 will be observed on Thursday, 24th July 2014.

Shab e Qadr is always celebrated in 27th day of Ramadan month.

Why Shab e Qadr is Important in Bangladesh?

Shab e Qadr is important in Bangladesh because Bangladeshi Muslims believe that prayer in the night of Shab e Qadr is better than the thousands nights prayer. It is the night when destiny of a person is determined by great Allah. It is also believed by Muslims of Bangladesh that in this night all sins are forgiven. So, the night of Shab e Qadr is most valuable night for Muslims in Bangladesh.

On this night Holy Quran was revealed. It is another reason for which Shab e Qadr holds importance in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Shab a Qadr is considered as the holiest night of Islam.

How Shab e Qadr is observed in Bangladesh?

Shab e Qadr is observed with the festive spirit in whole Bangladesh. This day is holiday in Bangladesh. Mosques are decorated with lights. Man goes to mosque and pray whole night there. Women pray at home. Muslims of Bangladesh spend the night in praying nafal namaz, reciting Quran, special dua, zikr etc. Muslim of Bangladesh offers food to the poor and mosque.

President, Prime Minister and opposition leader issues special massages on this day. Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh arranges special programs. TV and radio Channels aired special programs. Newspaper and other print media publish special supplements. All these special programs arrange to describe the significance of Shab e Qadr.


Shab e Qadr is considered as the most auspicious and blessed night in Bangladesh. Muslims of Bangladesh believe that they will be forgiven for sins and awarded for the good acts on this night. The night of  Shab e Qadr holds great significance in Bangladesh.