Shakrain Festival in Bangladesh 2014

Shakrain Festival is one of the most old, famous and important annual festivals of Bangladesh. This is also the largest festival of old Dhaka of Bangladesh. Shakrain Festival is also called Poush Sankranti Festival in Bangladesh. It is also known as the Kite Festival in Bangladesh.

When is the Shakrain Festival in Bangladesh 2014?

Shakrain Festival 2014 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 14th January of 2014.

Shakrain Festival is always celebrated at the end of the Poush, the 9th month of Bengali calendar.

Why Shakrain Festival is Important?

Shakrain Festival is the symbol of unity and friendship in Bangladesh. Shakrain Festival is important especially for flying lots of colorful kites. It is an old festival which is observed in traditional way. So to continue tradition of Bangladesh traditional festival like Shakrain is important.

How Shakrain Festival is observed in Bangladesh?

Shakrain Festival is an annual festival which is observed by the people of southern side of Bangladesh. Biggest program of Shakrain Festival is arranged by the people of Old Dhaka. Main program of this festival is flying kites. People of Bangladesh fly colorful and designable kites on this day. Every roof of every house of Bangladesh is filled with people interested in kite flying. Beside kite flying fire spitting, fireworks or cracker works also arranged after sunset on this day.


Shakrain Festival is a traditional and old festival of Bangladesh. This day is observed by the people of Bangladesh irrespective of religion, class or group. Shakrai Festival means a great entertainment for Bangladeshi People.