Victory Day of Bangladesh 2013

16th December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. The day is locally known as Mohan Bijoy Dibosh. In Bangladesh Mohan means Great, Bijoy means Victory and Dibosh means Day. The Bijoy Dibosh of Bangladesh is considered as one of the most respectable day in the country among all other special days. For Bangladeshis it is the Great Victory Day.

When is Bijoy Dibosh- Victory day of Bangladesh 2013?

Victory Day of Bangladesh 2013 will be celebrated on Monday, 16th of December. Victory Day of Bangladesh is always celebrated in December 16th.

Why the Victory Day of Bangladesh is Important:

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh is so important to every Bangladeshi nation. On this day Bangladesh has gained freedom and independent for her nations. Bangladesh has gained independence on 16th December 1971 from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War. In 1971 Pakistani arm force surrendered to the Bangladeshi arm force in Dhaka after nine month long liberation war. The independence has come in Bangladesh by the thousands of Bangladeshi’s blood and life. Lots of people lost their life to give this freedom to Bangladeshi nations. That is why they are remembered with respect on this day.

How the Day is Celebrate:

This great and special day is celebrate with joy and respect in every year. Government of Bangladesh declared the day as national holiday of Bangladesh. Bangladesh started to celebrate 16th December as Bijoy Dibosh from 1972. Every small to big organization whether it is political or social or educational institution celebrate the 16th December with respect. Every organization organizes different types of programs to celebrate the day like rally, fair, cultural program etc. Some organization organizes seminar programs where the importance of this day is described. Most of the educational institutions organize their annual day on 16th December where the students are also awarded for good result or extra curricular activities. Many Bangladeshi goes to the National Memorial at Savar, Dhaka to pay respect to the freedom fighters


16th December is the most respectable and emotional day for every Bangladeshi. On this day Bangladesh gained not only freedom but also real respect and true rights. Each Bangladeshi nation should pay honor to the great freedom fighters of Bangladesh.Bangladeshi nation celebrate 16th December as their Victory day and celebrate with great joy and respect this day every year. This day is special to them for receiving victory from West Pakistan after a 9 month long liberation war. 16th December is a mixture of joy, sorrow and respect for Bangladesh.